Marius CoomansThe world needed another weblog… No, but…

I was keeping private notes about the emerging equipment category called Satellite Emergency Notification Devices (SENDs). But as I wanted to more publicly discuss the applications for SENDs, a blog seemed a more effective place to record new items and occasionally describe projects we’re engaged in. I might even have an opinion about this stuff now and than!

If you’d like to contribute or comment, feel free to contact me at  ’mcoomans at activeweb dot com dot au’ or give me a call on +61 411 248 617


Marius Coomans
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  • Lucy

    Is there a way to communicate with someone/anyone to locate/confirm a passengar.Pls respond to Lucysthreads@Gmail.com

  • Chrishillcox1

    I like your blog. I have been covering these devises due to their applications in high altitude ballooning. Your perspective on them has been very interesting. Cheers Chris balloonnews.wordpress.com