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Iridium Extreme
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Product Description

The Iridium 9575, or Iridium Extreme is a ruggedised (IP65) phone with a range of additional functionality for messaging and tracking. It is promoted as complying with the SEND specification for its “SOS” button to activate emergency services. Casual tracking is via SMS or email on a standard plan. Continous tracking is available on a separate Short Burst Data (SBD) plan through partner companies.

Integration Information
Promotional material on the phone mentions its “open development platform for custom location-based solutions”. In reality, integration information is only available to a small number of partners. Consequently, no information on how to use the phone’s “Short Burst Data” capabilities is publicly available. On standard plans, manual location reporting is available. This sends the following message:

 Lat+39.049916 Lon-77.345783 Alt +88 m (2s ago) 10-Jun-2011 03:22:03 UTC http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=39.049916&lon=-77.345783

When activating the SOS control, the following message is sent and presumably repeated as per the RTCM128 (SEND) standard:

EMERGENCY Lat+39.049766 (stdv 0012) Lon-77.345950 (stdv 0008) Alt +416 ft (stdv 0011) GPS sats 04 2011-06-10 04:24UTC Batt 64% User lang en Sent via Iridium

Of Note
The phone’s operational temperature range is from -10°C to +55°C and it has a IP65 environmental rating. The SEND standard (RTCM128) mandates a higher standard, -20°C to +50°C and IP67.

2011.12.09 Press Release 9575 support for GEOS Emergency Response Service
2011.09.07 DeltaWave Iridium 9575 Sales training – includes information about SBD plan
2011.09.06 Panbo Iridium Force: 9575 Extreme, AxcessPoint & the 9523 Core